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  • Carolynne Harris

"The Worlds of Puppetry" opens in Atlanta

The Worlds of Puppetry is an exciting new addition to the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA.

Featuring the Center's world-renowned collection of worldwide puppets, and an unprecedented showcase of Jim Henson's creations, creativity and life, the "Worlds of Puppetry" opens this week at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA. After years of planning by the Center, I've been pleased to help shepherd this project into fruition.

A long-time dream of the Center to add to it's programming and performances, this 8000 square foot addition to the Center allows a renewed and robust presentation of their extensive global collection, and an engaging comprehensive walk through the incredible innovations, inventions,

humor and educational prowess of the inimitable Jim Henson.

Following an enormous gift of hundreds of objects from the Henson Legacy and Foundation, including artwork, films, puppets, and set pieces, the Center embarked on a journey to bring his heart-touching and brilliant work to visitors from around the world. Designed by Thinkwell Group, the Global Collection and Henson Collection are now engaging and interactive experiences for all ages.

I enjoyed working with the Center's small, but ambitious staff to facilitate this complex project, and look forward to hearing how visitors will enjoy it. I urge you to go visit when you are in Atlanta next!

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