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Resilience and Relevance Assessment

Tailored to small and mid-sized museums, we will ensure that your guests and constituents are made to feel safe, welcome, and engaged by helping you make necessary – and sometimes significant – shifts to meet today's needs.

  • Community and organizational engagement and research

  • Evaluate gaps, redundancies, and over- and under-utilized resources

  • Staffing model adjustments and improvements

  • Diversify on- and off-site audiences and create 'nimble cashflow'

  • Stakeholder cultivation, communication, and diversification

  • Long-term visitor experience adaptations

  • Recommendations and a roadmap for implementation, including resources and referrals

Colleagues Working Together

Master Planning

We will help move your project from inception to completion and be sure that all of your goals are achieved along the way.

  • Early visioning and complete concept planning with budgets for new facilities and new large exhibitions

  • Assess and establish strategic positioning and feasibility

  • Establish short- and long-term programmatic targets

  • Articulate your ideas into visitor outcomes and specific experiences

  • Benchmarking and competitive analysis

  • Share expertise in museum-specific standards, construction-related issues, and cutting-edge practices

Young Boy in a Museum

Concept Planning

We can turn thoughts or an empty space into a concept with this service. We can idealize a budget, a plan, and layout the timeline and necessary personnel.

  • Guide planning of early stage projects, including design teams, to meet your goals and objectives

  • Feasibility studies and market assessment for exhibition and museum projects

  • Insure multiple audiences’ needs are met

  • Exhibition content development

  • Share expertise in museum-specific standards, construction-related issues, and cutting-edge practices


Operational Planning

We detail the organizational needs for your institution and ensure that your operations plan is ‘trued up’ to your vision and your realities.

  • Work with you to insure you can run what you build

  • Focus on long term sustainability

  • Establish operational, staffing, facility and procedural needs for new, expanding, or renovating institutions

  • Develop collaborative partnerships to leverage outreach

Exhibition Space

Project Management

Implementing the planning phases is a lot of work. This service takes that step off your plate. CHC can oversee the entire project and manage all teams involved.

  • Client’s agent for large scale projects

  • Manage 360 degrees of a project, from early concept through design development, fabrication, and installation

  • Act as your advocate and partner to ensure best practices and maximum efficiencies

Technicians at Work

Construction Integration

If your project involves new construction or architectural changes, we will make sure the exhibits and experiences are seamlessly integrated and no detail is left to guesswork, saving you time and money.

  • Coordinate work between architects, general contractors and your exhibit team

  • Make sure where the exhibit meets the building there are no gaps in scope, budget or installation

  • Review all drawings for clients to insure best practices and efficiencies are met.

Construction Worker Lifting Wood Board

Team Building

Need to find designers, media producers or the many other team members to realize your project? Look no further. We have many connections and can complete this search for you and provide you with options for teams.

  • Procure, facilitate and manage contractors to meet goals, budgets, and schedules

  • Match you with the right talent, cost, and personalities to make your project team your partner

Go Team


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