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Worked with Exhibition Gallery Director and exhibition designer (Ralph Appelbaum Associates) to coordinate fabrication and installation of this new 16,000-square-foot museum. Particularly complex as it was part of a new 580,000 square foot underground facility designed by RTKL built under the East side of the Capitol.


The $22 million Exhibition Gallery includes over 200 artifacts, dozens of films and interactives and unique 3-D models. Opened December 2008. The CVC welcomed its 1 millionth visitor on May 14th, 2009—a 114% increase in visitors to the Capitol.

— Martha Sewell Former Exhibit Gallery Director U.S. Capitol Visitor Center

Carolynne worked on the developmental stages of the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center for a number of years prior to its opening.


While the actual job description involved assisting in the design and construction of the exhibition hall, she was a miraculous jack-of-all-trades who could advise in all aspects of exhibition production with one hand, while reading blueprints and conversing with contractors on the other. With our limited pre-opening staff, we really could not have accomplished this job without her.

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