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  • Carolynne Harris

Conceptual Target Budgets- Nightmares, Fantasies, or Reality?

Just in time for Halloween 2021, Carolynne, along with her PRAXIS and NAME colleagues, organized and presented a program sharing up-to-date data and do's and don'ts for budgeting museum projects.

A budget is the foundation of a project, yet there is often confusion or lack of confidence about how to establish a target budget, and what elements must be considered. Is it Alchemy? Do you have a Franken-budget? Are there ghouls waiting in the wings to kill your project? Mysteries Revealed! Watch this webinar that features a panel of experienced museum project planners as they explore the process for setting conceptual target budgets, explain what sort of analysis should occur prior to setting budgets, and discuss many items to consider when embarking on such a journey. The panel will share benchmarking data from REAL (not graveyard) PROJECTS (no names of course), and talk about why googling “how much should a museum or exhibition cost” is a career-threatening action. Q&A session follows the presentation. You can watch it here:

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