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  • Carolynne Harris

Grand Opening of Dallas Museum introduces over 1500 people to its powerful exhibits

In what was one of the most moving programs we have ever been a part of, the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum opened to the public on September 18, 2019. CHC was part of the project team for almost five years, facilitating the design and implementation of over 17,000 square feet of innovative exhibits.  Over 1,500 people attended the opening, including the Governor of Texas, the Mayor of Dallas, several Holocaust survivor families, City Council members, and community supporters.

Attendees filled the mezzanine, atrium, and spilled out into the courtyard to hear touching remarks by the Mayor, Governor, and a Rwandan refugee that brought down the house. Dozens of Holocaust survivors were honored as students sang to them.

Reviews have been very positive, as been attendance. Read one here and go visit!

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